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Monday, January 23, 2012

Opening Wax Packs of 1990 Donruss & Fleer Baseball Was More WORK Than Fun

Overproduction was the name of the game at both Donruss & Fleer for 1990.  And both companies made the same mistake Upper Deck did that year and didn't include a Frank Thomas rookie card in their base set, though the 1990 Leaf baseball set from the same parent company as Donruss did include Thomas in their 2nd series that year, and most of us remember how that turned out. These 1990 Donruss and Fleer sets had lousy designs and weak card stock. The rookie card selection wasn't good without Thomas and the players they did include as "rated rookies" in the Donruss set that year weren't very good.  The packs were usually just work to open - so many scrub players, so few great players and good rookies, no good inserts (just those stupid puzzle pieces with the Donruss and some other nonsense with Fleer, probably sticker nonsense) and unlike even the truly crappy set Donruss made in 1988, no alleged "short printed" cards. I don't sell junk and typically want nothing to do with 1988-1992 Donruss. People deserve better than what these sets delivered. Dogs deserve better than what these sets delivered.  


  1. 1990 Donruss and Fleer have a soft spot in my heart as those sets (along w/ Topps) was my first introduction to baseball cards. Now granted I agree with just about everything else you said I still have a few cards from these sets in my various PCs.

    Not surprisingly the box of 1990 Donruss I recently saw @ Target is still sitting there after a week. $10 for that junk? No thank you.

  2. I'm not the sort to normally throw sports cards in the dumpster but I do remember a move some years ago where I just ended up pitching a bunch of cards from these 2 sets and some of the similar overproduced junk of the same era. It just wasn't worthwhile to bring them along. 1990 Donruss seem to be a little bit condition sensitive, but it will be at least 80 years before anyone cares, if indeed it ever happens at all.