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Thursday, January 12, 2012

1986 Donruss - Where Were They Then And Where Aren't They Now?

1986 Donruss packs were impossible to find where I lived.  Apparently, this was a common problem as the many card dealers of the day hoarded as many cases, boxes, and unopened packs of this product as possible due mainly to the presence of the Jose Canseco rookie card.  Canseco had an RC in the Fleer set that also but it was a split card with another player. And Topps didn't have a Canseco card until the update set. So packs of this product didn't show up at drug and convenience stores much and instead cost $5+ right off the bat from dealers.  Of course we all know how Canseco turned out - his 1986 Donruss rookie card is only worth a few dollars today.  The set did have some other nice rookie cards including Andres Galaragga and Fred McGriff, however it doesn't look like either of those guys will make the Hall of Fame.  The same can be said for Paul O'Neill, whose rookie card is in this set.  On the plus side, this set was NOT overproduced like Donruss sets beginning in 1988 and the funky weird design was quite distinctive and sinister, perfect for the Canseco rookie year.  Unopened packs are not uncommon today - because of Ebay and many other sources they are easier to find now than they were in 1986-2002.

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