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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Card of the Day #4: 1994 Fleer Ultra #472 Art Monk

This was his next to last year in the NFL and his only season with the Jets. You can bid on this card here for the next several days.  You can see hightlights of Monk's Hall of Fame speech here. You can view his record-setting induction applause here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Have A New Blog

I have a new blog, exclusively featuring bad baseball cards from bad baseball sets such as the one below. Sometimes I have a lot to say.  You can find the blog right here

Card of the Day #3: 2010 TOPPS #440A TIM TEBOW RC Gold Rookie Card Serial Numbered #/2010

This was found in a 36-card jumbo pack at Walmart marked down from $4.98 to $2.98.  You can bid on the card here until January 31.  The same 18-card section of the jumbo pack yielded the regular base card Tebow RC #440 which you can bid on here also until January 31.  And later the same day, a Topps Prime Retail jumbo pack (14 cards) yielded yet another Tebow RC, which you can bid on here until January 31. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Incredible Adventure of the Hairstyle of Oscar Gamble During His 2 Stints With the White Sox

The picture on top is from 1977.  The card on the bottom is from 1985.

Opening Wax Packs of 1990 Donruss & Fleer Baseball Was More WORK Than Fun

Overproduction was the name of the game at both Donruss & Fleer for 1990.  And both companies made the same mistake Upper Deck did that year and didn't include a Frank Thomas rookie card in their base set, though the 1990 Leaf baseball set from the same parent company as Donruss did include Thomas in their 2nd series that year, and most of us remember how that turned out. These 1990 Donruss and Fleer sets had lousy designs and weak card stock. The rookie card selection wasn't good without Thomas and the players they did include as "rated rookies" in the Donruss set that year weren't very good.  The packs were usually just work to open - so many scrub players, so few great players and good rookies, no good inserts (just those stupid puzzle pieces with the Donruss and some other nonsense with Fleer, probably sticker nonsense) and unlike even the truly crappy set Donruss made in 1988, no alleged "short printed" cards. I don't sell junk and typically want nothing to do with 1988-1992 Donruss. People deserve better than what these sets delivered. Dogs deserve better than what these sets delivered.  

Card of the Day #2: 2009 TOPPS HERITAGE Chrome Card #C8 RYAN LUDWICK Serial Numbered /1960

You can bid on this timeless retro-futuristic masterpiece right here